10 day Israel trip - money matters

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Dec 8, 2008
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10 day Israel trip - money matters

Hi all, I am going to Israel next week and need the usual help on what to do with money -

Should I wait until I arrive at Tel Aviv airport and use the ATM there? Do ATMs charge service fees? I have a TD All inclusive card and a European debit card, but I am not sure if the latter has no fee like TD AI - most likely not.

Or.. exchange money at those small kiosks in the city somewhere?

Or exchange a small amount and carry some shekels with me beforehand.

Thanks for your help
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Jan 1, 2009
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North York
I always buy shekels at a foreign exchange in Toronto before I go - I don't exchange in Israel at all; I dont know where you live but if it is in North York or Thornhill area there is a very good place called Kantor-I am NOT affiliated with them.