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17" Camry Wheels on Lexus IS ?

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  • May 7th, 2020 5:28 pm
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17" Camry Wheels on Lexus IS ?

I guess i should've asked the RFD auto people before buying... but I saw a decent FB marketplace deal for some 17" OEM Toyota Camry alloy wheels Figured they'll work with my 2012 Lexus IS 250 as winter tire rims? (the tires I plan to ditch since they're the wrong size and worn, will go with Original 225/45/17 ) I've test fitted one of the Camry wheels on the front and I can spin the wheel and it clears the brake calipers by 50-75mm ( i can slip my finger between the wheel and calipers). So that's acceptable right? The next question, although the diameter and off set of the wheel appears to be similar to the Lexus , both 17" and 45mm offset, center bore is also the same at 60.1mm , its the width that's different, the camry 's is 7" while the IS's is 8" , any problems with that difference?

lastly a little off topic, the wheels have some moderate/severe curb rash , although it seems to hold air fine, would that be a problem?

Thanks RFD auto clan!

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