2004 Toyota Camry Blower fan not working at speeds L0, 1, 2

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Mar 25, 2012
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2004 Toyota Camry Blower fan not working at speeds L0, 1, 2

Hello all,

My 2004 Toyota Camry Blower fan is not working at speeds L0, 1, 2. I looked around the net and the info I got says it's probably the blower motor resistor ( ... EEQB&psc=1). I just wanted to get some confirmation here. Should be easy to change for an amateur like me, no?
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Sep 3, 2003
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Sounds like you've already figured it out, that's usually what causes the fan to not work at low speeds, and only at full max speed. It depends on where the resistor is located, but it's not a complex repair by any means.
Deal with it.
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For $36, it's worth a shot compared to what dealer might charge. I had to change similar blower resistor on my 03 nissan but didn't wanted to pay $150 the dealer parts wanted. My fan speed wasnt working at all and everything on net told me if 1 or 2 fan speed isn't working, it's the resistor. Paid $15 from eBay to find out it worked.


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