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[FS] 2018 Mazda 3 Sport for Lease Takeover - Very Low KM's, Lots of Extras,24 Months Remaining

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  • Oct 16th, 2019 1:46 pm
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2018 Mazda 3 Sport for Lease Takeover - Very Low KM's, Lots of Extras,24 Months Remaining

Please read below listing carefully and then ask questions. If something is not mentioned in the listing, its not available or offered. I know this thread is a bit long, tried to include every bit of info I have

Vehicle Details

1. Year,make ,model and color - 2018 Mazda 3 Sport Automatic, dark blue exterior with black cloth seats

2 .Trim- GS 2.0 liter engine ( features include heated front seats, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, heated door mirrors)

3 .Options - Moonroof

4. Packages - i-Active sense ( heads up display, lane keep, lane departure warning, LED headlights and LED tail lamps, radar cruise control and a few more safety features) .

Dealer options

1. Android/Apple carplay
2. Navigation ( SD card is inserted)
3. Compustar 3000 feet two way remote starter with two key fobs (Only one key fob is two way, the other one is one way)
4. Remote start with 3X press of the lock button on the Mazda key fob. This one is limited by the range of the Mazda key fob ( 100 feet maybe, so its not very useful)


1. Michelin X-ice 3 winter tires purchased from Costco. Tires are installed on a set of Mazda genuine alloy wheels, these wheels are from a 2011 or 2012 Mazda 3, they have some curb rash and paint flaking off.

2. Winter tires were installed at Costco on November 24th 2018, removed at Kal-Tire on April 10th 2019, just 2013 kilometers driven on these tires. Tires have a 2018 manufacture date. Tires are same size as factory all seasons, 205-60-R16.

3. Ceramic tint on all four windows and rear hatch. Tint done at Audio Heaven. The percentage, I dont know, all I know is that its a legal tint.

Lease details

1. Leasing company - CDLS

2. 36 year lease started on October 27th 2018.

3. Lease ends October 27th 2021. I believe the last payment will be on Sept 27th 2021 ( please correct me if I'm wrong)

4. Interest rate .99%

5. Down payment $52.55 ( I honestly dont recall giving a down payment. Don't know how this weird figure came into the lease document.

6. Buyout price at end of lease is $11310.60 plus HST. I dont see any buyout admin fee mentioned in the lease document.

6. Total lease kilometers for the 3 years in 60100.Excess kilometer charge is $.08

7. Current odometer reading is 5570 km ( wifes' one way commute was 8-10 kilometers depending the route she takes and some days she works remotely)

8. After I make the next payment on October 27 2019, there will be 24 months remaining on the lease. Assume the odometer hits 6000km, there will be 54000 km available for 24 months or 27000KM per year.

9. Monthly payment is $482.19 ( 426.72 + HST) .

10. Above payment includes "Platinum Appearance Package". This one includes interior protection, paint repair, front windshield repair and replacement, car rental benefit, keyless remote fob replacement, headlight and tail light protection and curb scuff repair.

11. No accidents, I scratched the black plastic cover of the right exterior mirror as I was reversing it out of my garage. There is a scratch and a 2.5" crack on the outer matte black frame surrounding the mirror. No damage on the actual mirror or the on the paint on the cover of the mirror.

12. I will offer $964.38 ( 2 payments) as cash incentive to the person taking over the lease. I will cover the lease transfer fee as well.

13. Vehicle will be available by the end of this month.

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