[Other] 2020/08/31 Real Chill a Day Giveaway $100,000 in Prizes [PIN]

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  • Jul 7th, 2020 11:10 am
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2020/08/31 Real Chill a Day Giveaway $100,000 in Prizes [PIN]

Contest Entry:
Rules: ... les-en.pdf

Enter by purchasing a marked product and entering a PIN from that product or Enter a PIN received through a No Purchase Entry request.

During the Contest Period, there is a limit of: (i) one (1) Daily Prize (coupon) per person; and (ii) one (1) Daily Prize (non-coupon) per person.

At the start of the Contest Period, there will be a total of two thousand eight hundred and eighty (2,880) Daily Prizes (each, a “Daily Prize” and collectively, the “Daily Prizes”) available to be won twenty-four (24) Daily Prizes per Day, as follows:
Coupon for one (1) Free 2L bottle of Canada Dry $2.99 1,690
Coupon for one (1) Free Canada Dry 12-pack $6.99 460
Canada Dry Branded Foldable Frisbee $8.00 400
Canada Dry Branded Collapsible Game Day Chair $45.00 40
Canada Dry Branded Picnic Blanket $34.99 100
Canada Dry Branded Picnic Basket Cooler $75.00 25
Keurig® K-Café® Special Edition Coffee Maker $249.99 10
Keurig® K-Duo® Coffee Maker $249.99 20
Keurig® K-Mini Plus® Coffee Maker $89.99 30
$50 Promo Code $50.00 50
Napoleon Prestige 500RB Barbecue $1,299.00 5
Napoleon Pro Cart Grill $449.00 5
Napoleon PatioFlame with Glass $279.00 5
AIR CANADA VACATIONS - $4,000 Getaway Package $4,000.00 4
SONY 55" 4k Ultra HD Smart TV $1,699.99 5
SONY Wireless Turntable $299.99 10
SONY Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker $79.99 10
SONY Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $229.99 10
2020 Subaru Forester SUV 1
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Jun 16, 2012
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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Alternatively, to obtain one (1) PIN, while supplies last, without making a purchase, print your
first name, last name, telephone number, date of birth and complete mailing address (including postal code) on a plain white
piece of paper and mail it (in an envelope with sufficient Canadian postage) along with: (i) a handwritten 100 word (or more)
unique and original essay explaining How you like to Chill with Canada Dry Ginger Ale; and (ii) a self-addressed pre-paid
stamped envelope with sufficient return Canadian postage; to the following address: Canada Dry NPN PIN Request, P.O. Box
9410, Toronto, ON M3C 4C6 (collectively, the “Request”). Upon receipt of a valid Request in accordance with these Rules, you
will receive one (1) randomly selected PIN per unique and original Request per envelope with sufficient Canadian postage. To
be eligible, a Request must: (i) be received separately in a single envelope bearing sufficient Canadian postage (i.e. multiple
Requests in the same envelope will be void); and (ii) be post-marked during the Contest Period and received by no later than
August 14, 2020 to allow Sponsor sufficient time to mail back the PIN via regular mail. The Contest Parties and each of their
respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Released Parties”) are not
responsible for, and accept no liability whatsoever in relation to, any late, lost, misdirected, delayed or incomplete Requests (all
of which are void)
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Sep 1, 2004
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Superstore may have 1L bottles in their 10 items for $10 bin
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Thanks. Anyone else getting an "internet connection unstable" message when trying to submit the code?
Aug 17, 2019
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I’m having a hard time getting through with my pin code. I’m getting internet disconnection also
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May 31, 2007
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Lokipuff wrote: I’m having a hard time getting through with my pin code. I’m getting internet disconnection also
Works now.
Aug 17, 2019
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Mine still isn’t working it’s stuck on “Choose your favourite flavour for a chance to win a daily prize”
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Sep 26, 2011
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They've been running this same contest for years. I've entered half a dozen or more PINs each time, and never won a damn thing. Actually, I did win a measly coupon a year or two ago, but never received it in the mail. Neutral Face
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Jul 15, 2003
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I won a 2L bottle yesterday, and was informed that I wouldn't get the coupon until September, because of covid. Makes sense, I'm buying my groceries online right now, and they don't take coupons. I won a foldable frisbee last year, which was disappointing given that they'd moved to the one non-soda prize per person rule. Before that I won all manner of things: small barbecue, asparagues potn (works for other stuff too, cookbooks, ... sad change. I'm still hoping for one good prize this year. I'm sad that I won't be able to use my 2L bottle win to play again, this time.
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