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2021/02/28 5pm CT - GREAT MANITOBA SWEEPSTAKES [AoM, MB best]

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  • Feb 23rd, 2021 1:35 pm
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2021/02/28 5pm CT - GREAT MANITOBA SWEEPSTAKES [AoM, MB best]

Enter: Link here

Rules: Link here

Prize: A travel package worth $1000 (many to choose from), along with a prize pack of Manitoba made products valued at $200.

Thanks to @stinastr for sending the contest to be posted.

Good luck!
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I only sent the rules, so for all winners, it's thanks to the poster that you won lol
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Package #1 Northern
Visit Manitoba’s north and take in the abundance of nature and wide open spaces.
$1000 lodge and fishing package at Baker’s Narrows or Wekusko Falls Lodge

Package #2 Western
Explore Riding Mountain National Park for days spent on the crystal-clear waters of Clear Lake and the townsite of Wasagaming.
$400 gift card to Lakehouse or Arrowhead Resort
$300 gift card at Elkhorn Resort
$100 gift card at area golf course
$200 gift card to Friends of Riding Mountain National Park
National Parks Pass

Package #3 Eastern
Manitoba’s Whiteshell is the jewel of the east with an abundance of lakes, nature and endless skies.
$300 gift card to Falcon Beach Ranch
$300 gift card to Pinewood Lodge
$200 gift card to Moongate B&B
$200 gift card to area golf course
Manitoba Park Pass

Package #4 Winnipeg Family
Gather the family and explore everything Winnipeg has to offer to entertain your little ones.
$100 gift card to Manitoba Museum
$100 gift card to Manitoba Childrens’ Museum
$100 gift card to FortWhyte Alive
$200 gift card to a Winnipeg hotel of your choice
$100 gift card to Assiniboine Park Zoo
$100 gift card to The Forks Market
$100 gift card to Activate Games
00 gift card to Enigma Escapes
$100 gift card to The Hive

Package #5 Winnipeg Luxury
Bask in luxury as you make your way through some of Winnipeg’s hottest and most indulgent spots.
$200 gift card to Thermea Spa
$200 gift card to TenSpa
$200 gift card to The Forks Market
$200 gift card to Inn at the Forks
$200 gift card to Hargrave Street Market or WOW Hospitality

Package #6 Interlake
Traverse the shores of Lake Winnipeg and take in the sites along the way.
$500 gift card to Hecla Resort
$200 gift card to Gull Lake Harbour
$200 gift card to Lakeview Gimli Resort
$100 gift card to Tergesen’s

Package #7 Churchill
Put a check on your bucket list as you kayak with belugas, take in the northern lights and spy polar bears.
$1000 gift card to Calm Air