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34inch monitor recommendation!

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Nov 17, 2019
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34inch monitor recommendation!

Hi! I’m currently debating between these two monitors

Wk650 is around $80 dollar more, I want to know if its still worth getting that or not.

I’m a light gamer, mostly for work purposes (coding,
Reading) and watching videos.

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Apr 16, 2001
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I have a 35" 21:9 3440x1440 monitor, and I find it sub-optimal for anything other than gaming. Be sure you can return your ultrawide in case you find it the same.
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Mar 6, 2003
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I have a 34" 3440x1440 monitor and I just ordered a 32" 4k/UHD monitor as an upgrade. The 32" 16:9 display gives me 2" more vertical area. I never really did love the ultrawide aspect of my current monitor, it just feels too wide most of the time

I'm using it for work, and home use (browsing, email, media creation (video, photos) and running IDE)
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Nov 17, 2004
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For coding you want your horizontal resolution to be 3840 pixels that way you can have 2 1080p windows size by side. Most IDEs target 1080p resolution and if you have less than that in X or Y then the UI gets reflowed in strange ways.
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