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Apr 14, 2010
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39"-42" TV as a PC monitor

I have looked through all the threats for a TV deal that's around 40" my setup would be a i7 4790k CPU and Gigabyte GTX760 graphic card, Purpose: 2nd monitor to watch movies on.

I was thinking of getting a 4k TV but it seems pointless because 4k content are limited so its better of getting a FULL HD 1080p Tv (also 4k tv doesn't mean better picture quality). I also heard IPS panel is good for my setup...but the main advantage is the viewing angle which i don't need.

I care about picture quality since i will mostly watch movies or youtube/netflex on it. (4:4:4, true colour and good contrast ratio are my concern) Any recommendations as to what TV i should i should get and a good deal from boxing day sale?

1. LCD or LED?
2. 4k or not?
3. IPS or not?
4. input lag lower the better?
5. how do i know if the tv have HDMI 2.0 or 1.4?

any recommendation or suggestion are welcome =)