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49" TV smaller than 109.5 cm

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Dec 17, 2019
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49" TV smaller than 109.5 cm

Is it anyone that have a 49" TV that is smaller than 109.5 cm wide to recommend? Need to fit a bookshelf and that's the reason of the width requirements. No set budget but prefer to get value for the money.

Second question, any site where you can filter TVs on the dimensions? Only found size and a European site but then each TV had a different model number.

Thanks in advance
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Dec 14, 2004
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Outside of commercial monitors (not TVs, so no audio or tuner) I don’t know of a 49” screen that would meet your requirements. Keep this in mind - to meet your dimensions in a 49” TV the bezel can only be a maximum of 0.5 cm and that’s with zero space to spare. So you likely need thinner.
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I had a similar dilemma. I basically settled on a 43" TV for my cabinet. I wanted a 46"/47" TV because it could fit, but unfortunately, they don't make decent TVs that size anymore.

BTW, be careful about the dimensions posted. Some on some of the retail sites are not accurate. You have to go to the manufacturer site to verify. Anyways, you're right at the limit.
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