4K 27" monitor for office use: high brightness, up to $600 CAD

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  • Jun 16th, 2020 3:17 pm
Aug 15, 2016
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4K 27" monitor for office use: high brightness, up to $600 CAD

Hey all,

My work, to support "working from home", is giving us an allowance to purchase things for home use. My desk has everything I need, but lacks a good monitor... And so I'm looking for the best monitor I can get for $600 CAD.

What I require:
  • High quality, colour-accurate-ish 4k monitor with great sRGB coverage. I play video games on my TV, so this will be an office-first monitor.
  • Brightness of at least 400 nits. This is important - I have windows behind my desk, and anything dimmer is painful to work with when it's bright outside.

What I want, but could be omitted if other qualities are amazing:
  • HDR400 or better, with support for wide colour gamut
  • Adjustable stand for height/tilt adjustment

What I'd like, but I understand might not be possible given the price range
  • Proper 10bit panel
  • Variable refresh rate (I don't care about high refresh rate, since my GTX 1060 can barely reach 60fps on modern AAA titles. I don't play online games.)
  • USB-C input with power delivery so I can charge my laptop. 100W preferred, 60W might be enough.
  • Colour-accurate AdobeRGB and P3 colour support. I don't do any colour sensitive work, but hey, it would be nice to have.

I really like the LG 27UL850-W, but it's slightly over my price range: ... T1W65?th=1
And the 650-W (which only differs from the 850-W in lack of USB-C) was on a great sale, but I missed it: https://ca.***************.com/product/B07MKT2BNB

Any other suggestions?
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May 11, 2020
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Why don't you pick up the 27uk850 if $600 is a hard limit, it' basically the same monitor.
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Just something to keep in mind is that at 4k on a 27" the font is going to be very small. Sharp, but small. You can increase the scaling but some apps have issues with that or need to be adjusted independently.

Personally I would look for a 32" or larger at 4k but that's outside your budget. If you have good eyes and are close to the screen it shouldn't be an issue, just something to be aware of.
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