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4mm tires - replace or one more season?

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Jul 25, 2019
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4mm tires - replace or one more season?

Another tire question...

About to swap off the winters for my all seasons on my qx50 but noticed today that there are only about 4mm of tread left on my all seasons. From what I gather, this is marginally above where I should consider replacing them.

Will these be good for the summer season (~2,500kms of mostly city driving)? Or is this considered unsafe?

Thanks in advance!!
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Jul 30, 2007
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you are about 2mm away from being totally bald and unsafe. If you don't drive much at all, you can stretch it out but you will have to be more carefully on any wet weather driving situation though.
Jun 18, 2006
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This is usually the time to start looking for sales and such throughout the seasons and jump on a good deal if you see one for replacement! IMO 4mm is when wet weather performance may start to be degraded.
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Oct 3, 2017
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Since from your question you may not be an automotive person are you sure that your tread depth is 4mm or 4/32nds. Tires are usually measured in 32nds. 5mm is 4/32nds which is very close to dangerous and 4/32nds is already in the danger zone. You have a luxury SUV think about it.

Are you always driving alone in dry warm conditions at slowish speeds without the need for emergency maneuvers ever?

If not then there is nothing to think about if it were me.
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Oct 13, 2008
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nobody uses mm to measure ... it's always /32nds
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