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5 inch backset and door knobs

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Feb 12, 2017
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5 inch backset and door knobs

Hello everyone, i come into a problem. My manager needs me to replace a door key lock with 5" backset as soon as possible.

All i need to do is to change the lock because he lost the key. However, the key lock and the passage is in one piece. The connection of the backset is very unique too....so...chances are i need a whole new set.

The closest thing i can find is SCHLAGE LOCK 5" Brass F-Latch Deadlock Backset Latch, found in home hardware.
https://www.homehardware.ca/en/rec/inde ... 22+backset
But they don't have part available until Friday.

Also, i cannot find a whole set for sale, such as door knobs, key lock and the backset selling in one package.

Does anyone have any item where should i go to buy all the parts? I want to pick up all of them today as soon as possible. Thank you.
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^^^^^ that connection is unique to Schlage and it is found in high end locks, but it is also subject to failure in which case a locksmith could not even pick the lock if that connection fails. In any event the keyway does detach from the handset.

On the key side look for a small hole and when turning the key in the lock (1/4 turn) you can insert a pick into that hole and pull on the knob thus detaching the knok and key way from the lock. Take that to a locksmith to have it rekeyed. I am surprised that he is asking you to take it to be rekeyed as in most multi-unit buildings (apts) the locks are a part of the master systems and have specific keying requirements, but that is his problem.
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