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[Bell] 50% Off Bell internet for the next 12months, no contract

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Jan 24, 2007
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North York
I am currently with Primus (homephone, no features just basic), Internet (Wind Data Stick- upload speed stinks), TV (Shaw, basic essential package), total $80+. I am in GTA - Leslie/Finch

I liked the deal in this thread and so I called Bell CSR, willing to give Internet Fibe 25, 125 gig; PVR for Fibe TV for 36 months, and homephone with 500minutes long distance Can/us, CID & Call waiting for total of $80+ (taxes in) for first 12 months. They say no contract, however they would charge for the PVR if I cancel before 36 months. I am planning to move in the next 3 to 6 months but want to make sure I am not on a contract for 36 months. They wont confirm in writing. Does anyone know if there is a contract or not? If the place I move to (condo apt or rental apt), has their own TV arrangements so naturally I can't keep bell, what happens?
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Oct 6, 2007
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Toronto, ON
Poulet wrote: So, I am sure there are many jelous Rogers Clients looking at this thread and saying, wow, can I get something similar to this from Rogers if I tell them what Bell is offering...

So anyone of you called Rogers to see if you could get your plan cheaper?

Yeah, a friend of mine called in front of me and they didn't really budge much. They're good at ignoring the competition and pushing their own 'solutions' instead. He ended up giving his 30 days cancelation notice lol.
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Apr 23, 2008
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I called to cancel internet at the end of Grab and Go kit (one month ago) but Bell CSR offered competetive price to Teksavvy so i ended up biting the bullet after agreeing on price, bandwidth, speed, bundle, no contract...and just before i hung up she spit it out that the phone in the bundle has contract of 12 months (although no contract on internet) so if i cancel the internet before the 12 months i have to pay penalty and higher price for the phone line.
I guess I am stuck with Bell for next 12 months. It was just another unpleasant surprise dealing with the Evil.
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Dec 2, 2008
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DaHonga wrote: There was a time where you could register under a different name, but I don't think you can do that anymore.
There's a certain period of time now where you have to not have Bell services to be considered a new customer and use the 4mth free fibe deal again.
I think it's 90 days.

What about if you have 2 phone lines... like 2 different landlines in the same house...

can you just switch to the other number and use the Dell $8 kit again?
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Sep 4, 2007
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I currently have Fibe 12, but I have to call retentions soon because my contract is about to end. If I get Fibe 25, they need to come install something? I can't use the same modem/router? >.>
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Nov 19, 2004
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Markham, ON
whoa-albert wrote: I currently have Fibe 12, but I have to call retentions soon because my contract is about to end. If I get Fibe 25, they need to come install something? I can't use the same modem/router? >.>

I think you need the Cellpipe modem/router.
Apr 4, 2003
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does it take effect immediately or after the next billing date?
Sep 13, 2007
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update so im pissed they were suppose to come today between 12-5 to install and around 3 i called and they said there was no appointment made in there system so i lost it cuz i missed work today for it....now i gotta wait till saturday for it to be done and got a 25$ credit for there BS so far im not pleased
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Nov 2, 2002
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I used to see "Contract details" in my account info (online), but since I signed up for the 50%, it dissapeared. Does anyone see it in their portal? It used to always say the details of my contract which had expired in Feb 2011.
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Jun 27, 2006
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Got a similar deal to you guys, except I chose to get the Bell TV as well (cogeco area deal, no contract 24 months)

They pay the 36$/month whatever basic programming for 2 years no contract.
Free HD PVR for 2 years - after 3 years I own it outright.
Fibe 25 I was near the end of my grab n go - bout 2 months - they gave me 50% off fibe 25, ~40 for 245 gigs (free 1 x 40 gb package)
1 time credit off home phone this month for $25
10$ off home phone forever

plus $5 x 3 = 15$/month for all three services off my bill.

Im paying ~$40 fibe 25 245 gig
~$40 for HD service with 4 theme packs with 1 HD reciever and 2 regular digital recievers

$20 home phone with everything included EXCEPT long distance

so bout $100 for everything, cable lasts 2 years (With recievers) internet only lasts 1 year, which I would probably switch after that unless the $$ lost do not equal what I save.
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Aug 21, 2007
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moevsworld wrote: You might wana cancel now, or order bell now. This offer is up on oct.31

Ordering on Friday actually..called today, rep said i was eligible for fibe tv (I called in last week was told it wasnt available)...threw me off a bit b/c made an offer for home phone complete, fibe tv/internet...fibe tv was their best package...all in $175 close to what I am paying now...had to think about it as didnt want to commit
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Nov 13, 2006
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i'm moving into a new condo and spoke with the agent to setup fibe25 and fibe tv. apparently they haven't finished installing it in the building as yet and it most likely won't be complete for another couple months.
the rep offered me performance internet with an extra 80GB's and Satellite HD Essentials Plus with HDPVR and another HD receiver all for $28.xx for 6 months as fibe should be ready by/before then. as soon as it's ready they'll switch me over.

i currently have rogers extreme and i'm use to the speeds i get, i also d/l quite a bit.
i just want to know how slow bell performance is going to be, i'm not sure if i can deal with a slow connection even if its for a few months.

the condos in sauga if that makes a difference.

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Sep 4, 2007
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I was hoping to get Fibe 25 earlier, but I guess so many people are getting on this deal. The first free date for installation is on the 28th. One week wait isn't too bad. I'm actually stoked for this. Coming from Fibe 12, this is going to be a huge improvement. And with 125GB bandwidth, I don't need an extra 80GB insurance I used to have.

I asked a CSR about this promotion and they transferred me to get setup. So easy. I also checked Teksavvy prices before calling and their prices went up a lot. I remember last year I used them as reference to get a better deal, but I don't think anyone can anymore.
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Nov 7, 2010
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Called today to renew my Bell home phone loyalty deal for another year (they did), CS rep suggested I consider Fibe 16 as it is on my street in Aurora now.... 50% off 12 months, no contract, 30 day cancel notice required.... $25 credit for install against my phone, plus gave a further $5 per month credit to home phone for the 'bundle'... install date 2 days out Saturday Oct 22. Total per month roughly $23 for 12 months vs. $38 for Rogers. He says I may get 25 speed if it is possible for my distance but they never quarantee that and that is why they have "16+" on one plan, and since no Fibe TV is yet available here 16 is all he can sell me..... I am quite close to the big green box so am hopeful for better than 16. Will keep Rogers in place for a one month max trial. 75GB cap still.

I assume Bell in Ontario's Fibe Tv and Telus BC's Optik are the same technology, can anyone confirm? Just put that in for family in BC and the TV quality is dazzling vs Rogers cable here and Shaw cable there. The central PVR is a real nice bonus.
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Jan 24, 2007
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North York
How does the Fibe TV work? - sorry if it is a noob question, but is a PVR required? The reason for the questioin is because the PVR is for 36 months! They say no contract but if I cancel b4 36 months then I have to pay about $14 / month for the balance of the term, I think. Can someone please clarify. TIA