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5500 Yonge Street Condos

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Jan 15, 2018
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5500 Yonge Street Condos


Has anyone lived or known anyone who has lived in this condo?

I'm looking to buy or rent in this area. I'm looking at price sales for this condo, it seems to be lower than other condos, does anyone know of a reason why? Loud noise in the area? Crowd/residents? Prostitution? Drugs? Anyone know anything that would help?

It's right at Yonge & Finch above the Chatime, near everything in that area & seems to sell lower than the neighbouring areas.

As a side note, if you know anyone looking to rent out their unit here or anywhere in the area, please let me know. I'm looking to rent/buy 1 bedroom place.

Thanks so much!
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Sep 11, 2006
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LOL I'm gonna venture to guess it's not drugs or prostitution....
Jan 15, 2018
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LOL thanks I hope not...but I'd still like to know from anyone who has lived here or knows someone who lives there. The sale prices for 1 & 2 bedroom are ridiculously & noticeably lower.

Bed bugs??? What could it be...

Please help anyone?
Jun 2, 2012
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I’m not sure if this is the reason for the lower prices, but we looked at renting a unit in the building about 5 years ago:

The couple units we saw were a little odd. A couple bathrooms had floor to ceiling glass windows. Also, because all the exterior walls are floor to ceiling glass there is no room for furniture, at least in the corner units (2 walls of all glass with one wall containing balcony doors, one wall with doors; leaving just one wall for furniture. It was hard to imagine where to put the bed and a dresser. The balconies, while large in square footage, were not very practical as they were rather narrow and a lot of residents were using them for storage which made for an unkempt exterior.

There is also no pool, which may or may not be a good thing for you.

The other concern we had was with the floor to ceiling glass, some of the units had to keep blinds completely closed during the day to maintain a reasonable temperature on sunny days. That seemed to suggest that the central heating/cooling was lacking.

We ended up at a different condo in the area.
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Jul 28, 2008
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Bump, anyone know why these units are cheaper than other buildings in the area?
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Jun 15, 2015
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Phokus wrote: Bump, anyone know why these units are cheaper than other buildings in the area?
The units are not that cheaper. The 1 brms are listed for around $525K, roughly the same as other units in the area.


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