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6062 - Lso was triggered [Windows Event Viewer]

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  • Oct 2nd, 2019 4:27 am
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Jul 26, 2006
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6062 - Lso was triggered [Windows Event Viewer]

Ok, so I was trying to get to sleep.
My computer was asleep, keyboard and mouse turned off... no accidental touches from me.

All of a sudden, the screen pops on. I log in, check the event log, to see if it was something I did... it wasn't.

So these are the event logs, in chronological order... any clue, my fellow geeks?
(I build systems, I don't often delve into the event viewer ... so hoping someone smarter than I can figure this out ... )

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Information	2019-10-02 3:51:04 AM	Kernel-General			1	(5) [SYSTEM]
Audit Success	2019-10-02 3:51:04 AM	Microsoft Windows security auditing.	4624	Logon [AUDIT]
Warning		2019-10-02 3:51:06 AM	Netwtw08				6062	None [ADMINISTRATIVE EVENT]
Information	2019-10-02 3:51:07 AM	AsHidCtrlService			0	None [APPLICATION]
Information     2019-10-02 3:51:08 AM	RefreshRateService_source	0	None [OpenSSH / RefreshService_log]