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[7/11] $100 topup, get $50 off phones + $25 bonus *BASIC phones*

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  • Dec 3rd, 2015 8:46 pm
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Nov 20, 2015
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[7/11] $100 topup, get $50 off phones + $25 bonus *BASIC phones*

7/11 had $50 off phone deals before, but $25 bonus is not always combined.

Topup $100, get $25 bonus credit & $50 off phones

Acer Z220 = $40
Alcatel A392A = $30

Compared to Blu advanced L deal, Z220 effectively costs $30 more as it comes with a SIM card. Z220 has double the RAM and I find it quite a bit faster than Blu. I know some people got it for free or $10 more but that was highly YMMY.

I tried Alcatel A392A and it has nice big buttons and large screen. It's one of better flip phones and I tried a few as I buy phones for older relatives. Apparently the flip doesn't come with free SIM according to website.

This would make a nice kid's/parent's/granny's phone.

One step up: Moto E $80 at BB but you need to add $10 for SIM = $90 total