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Feb 9, 2006
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I don't even...


Advice: Hang up keys, step away and insert license in to shredder.
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Jan 1, 2008
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Is the ticket a total of 4 point and 1260$ or is there more than one infraction?

If there's more than one infraction, you can plead guilty on the lesser charge if the most expensive one is remove.

I suggest you call a company that specialised in fighting this kind of tickets, something like ticket911.ca or any one like that.

I use them once and they reduce my ticket from 1500$ 12 points to 300$ 3 points. (There was an area where the speed limit was recently change from 90kph to 50kph and the police were doing a money grabbing operation)
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Jan 1, 2008
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By the way, I know exactly where this is and it's a 3 line highway, it's pretty hard to confuse a 3 lanes highway with anything else. The only thing you could have confuse it with is maybe a 3 lanes boulevard. Also this highway is like 40 feet of the ground.... how can someone think it's a regular road is beyond me.....

I will admit that montreal roads are sometime confusing, especialy when parking, but still.....
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Jun 26, 2007
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If it was those one way streets I wouldn't blame you. It's just so many and iv almost entered one myself. But on the casino bridge? That's pretty hard to do.

Just fight it, hire Montreal paralegal as their legal system is different than Ontario.

Prob reduce to going wrong way
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Dec 4, 2010
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No turninv on red? Nonsense I's tells yas. G'luck with that.. Eugher way you pay out of your bavkside.
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Nov 26, 2003
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sincerehe wrote: Hi, I'm a toronto driver, and went to montreal for a few days during xmas. I was driving gf's car and we went accidentally onto some sort of highway (close to the river leading to casino), and we got confused and thought we could just turn around right there. it turns out it was a divided highway so only one way. we couldn't see the other side and didn't know. we continued driving for a while before we realized it was wrong way, but we drove out of it soon. but i guess there was a police car on the other side so they stopped us!

they didn't give us ticket right away so we just got it in the mail now. the fine is $1260!! and 4 points!! we are wondering if anyone know what we can/should do in this case. i know we were so stupid! but the quebec roadway system is so confusing! hate it!

any ideas would be great. thanks guys.
Is the ticket in English and French?
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Jul 5, 2004
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Hire a paralegal on your behalf. It will likely get dropped down to something minor. Once that happens, punch yourself in the face. The roads in Quebec aren't so confusing that you should be driving the wrong way on one way roads. If you find it that confusing, you shouldn't be driving.

Anyway, pay more attention next time. You'll likely either beat this one or get it dropped to something minor though, that is if you hire a paralegal.
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Dec 26, 2005
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I think some google images of the site where you got confused would help here - potentially provide a visual of the road conditions (confusing ones presumably). I've driven through Quebec and it's really not that confusing - but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Nom nom nom.
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Nov 20, 2011
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So what it was three lane highway??? You shouldn't be driving :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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Jan 11, 2011
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ticket is in french, and we don't understand it. the police didn't give much explanation then either.
taro-chan wrote: Is the ticket in English and French?