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(AB) Telus or Shaw? (In a neighbourhood that does not yet get Fibre Optic.)

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Mar 14, 2016
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Spruce Grove

(AB) Telus or Shaw? (In a neighbourhood that does not yet get Fibre Optic.)

Going to be moving into a new apartment hopefully within the next month or so, however the area that I'm likely going to end up in is currently sitting just outside of receiving Fibre Optic network, meaning that I cannot currently get the really nice Fibre packages that Telus seem to provide at the moment.

I wanted to ask those who are still on the cable infrastructure in terms of which of the two major ISPs are better? I should mention that I would need something that's very reliable for livestreaming to services like Twitch.

The best offering I have from Shaw is a 600/20 package through their "BlueCurve Internet". The Download speeds appear to be amazing, but the Upload could be better, though it would still be good enough for Twitch livestreaming, something I like to do as an on and off hobby.

The best offering I have from Telus is a 150/30 package. The Download is nowhere near as quick, however it is still enough for me to be reasonably happy with (The most I've ever had at one time before is 75.) I do like the slightly better upload, seems a little bit friendlier to content makers like myself.

Another consideration has been going third party with something like TekSavvy. Though they use Shaw's cable network, I've been told their service has been rather excellent out here (I had them in Ontario through Rogers lines and they were nothing short of great to use), and they offer a decent price for a 300/20 package.

Price comparisons;

Shaw Bluecurve 600 - $65 for first 12 months, $100 for next 12, $115 regular.

Telus 150 - $60 for first 24 months, $100 regular.

TekSavvy 300 - $80 a month

ALL offer Unlimited data plans, however...

- Shaw's non-term plan would go from $65 a month in the first year to $90 in the first year, with a regular price of $115 afterwards.

- It costs $15 extra on a non-term service going with Telus, which would bring the price up to $115 a month at start.

- In comparison, TekSavvy plans are only non-term, meaning the price will not change.

Anyone who is on these ISPs, how are the speeds and consistency? Has there been any notably bad periods with throttling or instability? How well do they handle congestion?

And lastly, if there's any other ISP alternatives worth checking out, whom would you recommend and why?

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Aug 19, 2010
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Go with TekSavvy. More savings in the long run and 300 should more than suffice for your needs.. Unless you upload a lot of files etc the upload shouldn't be too big of a deal for you.