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Acanac implementing a "temporary regulated cost surcharge"

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  • Jun 17th, 2020 2:36 pm
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sonyminidiscman wrote: sure the big 3 should be blamed but the resellers are using us to benefit them.

the resellers are fighting for lower rates, then they go lower their rates for the new customers, but as an existing customer, they didn't reduce my rates automatically... they just keep charging me 59/month when new ppl sign up for 39/month... imagine my surprise when i told my friend asking for internet recommendation about acanac and I found out i have been over paying by $20/month for I don't even know how long... I called them and they adjusted my rate to 39 but no credit to when the price dropped... but if thats their rule, where I signed up for 59 and therefore i should pay 59.... they should not be making up these random charges because their business deals didn't work out for them.

This is no different then that those old random charges like 911 fees, or dial tone fee.... it should be legal to implement a fee for a service that wasn't there when I signed up for it. This means i can sell you 150mbp internet plan for 5 bucks and promise you the rate plan don't change ever, but year after year i can add a 2020 surcharge, 2021 surcharge, Cisco upgrade surcharge to your bill...
The big 3 all do the same thing, better deal for new customer
they won't lower price for existing customer
nothing new
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sonyminidiscman wrote: Can they do that? just make up a charge and add it to your bill cause the CRTC didn't rule in their favor?
What does your contract say? Do you have an option to cancel the contract if you are not willing to accept the price increase?