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Accounting/ERP Software recommendation

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Feb 2, 2015
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Accounting/ERP Software recommendation

Hello, I run a business selling roofing supplies and accessories. We're currently using Sage BusinessVisions, and it's super out dated. Works okay, but now that I have 2 locations, it's not working very well.

I'm looking for any reviews/pros and cons/recommendations on ERP software. Need to do everything from sales/quotes, to AP, AR, Payroll?.

I've looked at ECI Spruce and liked it, but they don't have any way to process EFT payments which I do TONNES of. Sometimes $2-400,000 in a day. So that kind of turned me off of Spruce, even though I liked everything else.

Then I looked at Epicor BizTrack. These guys seemed like the bee's knees. In fact, I signed a contract with them. They use Microsoft GP for their AP/Payroll side of things, so that's easy to do an EFT with. Then 6 months later, after I've sent them all this money, the implementation is going horrendously and I realize that these guys are a bunch of salesman that can't do what they said they could. Well, they haven't figured out how to show me what the promised anyways. So I think I need to back out of this.

Still really interested in the ECI Spruce, but no EFT is a deal breaker. Does anyone with EFT knowledge have any advice?