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[Adidas.ca] Adidas Discount Codes 15% off regular price

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  • Jan 11th, 2019 11:30 pm
Aug 24, 2006
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Adidas Discount Codes 15% off regular price

Deal Link:
15% off
Definitely NOT "hot", but might save you $10-20.

If you linger on the shopping cart ("bag") page and click on/move the browser window header, you will receive the following code:

1KRP3 - 15% off full priced items

+ ebates (2%).

adidas.ca only

Does not combine with other discounts. If you apply the code to a discounted item, it will erase the other promotion and give you 15% off the regular/full price.
Works with existing accounts. Usable regardless if you performed the above action.

In the past, they've had two versions (one 15% off and one 10% off), seemingly a random A/B test.
The codes seem to change every so often. This code is different than a week ago.

Adidas.ca also has a "15% off your first purchase" code they promise by email to first time subscribers. That code has actually been disabled for a while now, so you just receive a spam email and then waste time looking for items that apply.
I brought this up with customer service and they told me my item is simply excluded, even though excluded items are clearly marked. Fakely apologising that I "couldn't find something that I liked", all while denying that the code doesn't work and simply refusing to look into it further - I "have to browse" myself. So I took it upon myself to do just that and "browse", testing that code on some random 30 regularly priced items and discovered this code. For the record, their email spam code still does NOT work on any items, while this one does. To add insult to injury, they ship personalized 15% off code cards with every shipment they send out, so they obviously freely give these 10-15% codes to anyone interested in a purchase, but would not look into my email code issue.

Anyway, happily, in this case lazy/poorly trained customer service = savings for RFD. Enjoy!
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May 30, 2011
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If you're a member of Perkopolis, you can sign up and get a 25% off discount code for regular priced items.