Advice to advance my accounting career

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Mar 3, 2017
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Advice to advance my accounting career

I see there is another thread on the go but my situation is a bit different...

Been in my job as a Senior Accountant for the past two years at a mid-size corporation. Salary is $65k + bonus + benefits. Located on the East Coast. Seven years of experience bouncing around, and starting forming a path about 4-5 years ago. Have my CPA, CMA. Management was going to promote me and give me a big raise back in January, but they mucked around on it and eventually, HR stonewalled it because of COVID.

I will be looking for new opportunities when this passes. Saying that, I have been taking some inventory of my skills, and in the meantime, looking for advice. My ultimate goal is to get to a Director level position, and get to Controller in the next year or two.

I love financial analysis and telling the story behind the numbers. I enjoy implementing new systems/best practices....I was able to do some of that as the Accounting team where I am at was evolving and changing a lot. My excel skills are decent, but could always be better. 

I have dabbled in Fixed Assets, financial reporting & analysis, run month end/year end close, forecasting, approving things like journal entries/recs/payments. Technically, I haven't supervised anyone but I am the go-to guy for any accounting and excel questions, and have provided guidance on coding so I can use that.

I think getting to Controller is a possibility. If it's not/not a good idea now, what should I be looking for to advance myself?
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Oct 16, 2013
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A director and controller (senior manager) manage people. You will need people management skills. This means that you will have to manage people/ teams to build this skill.
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Senior management in any organization are responsible for managing 3 things: Human Resources, Financial resources and the Product or Process. You need experience in all 3 areas to be successful. You might be an excellent technician in getting the work done but until you prove yourself in the other two areas you wouldn't be considered. That involves a lot of other skill sets and traits as being the best worker doesn't necessarily translate to being a good manager.
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Jul 13, 2009
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While it may not be a good time to look for new opportunities, always keep an eye out.

As for opportunities to advance, why not try suggesting bringing on an intern, or junior hire for you to train and supervise? At the Controller level, that's a big responsibility to review other's work.

As for East Coast, Irving is the big name and all their many businesses.
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Jun 11, 2016
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I hate "you do realize" replies to people genuinely looking for advice. Just sounds too condescending IMO.


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