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Advice on How to Deal with Unresponsive Property Manager

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  • Mar 16th, 2020 2:46 pm
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Advice on How to Deal with Unresponsive Property Manager

Hi All,

Long story unfortunately, but I was hoping to get some advice on this matter:

I noticed a leak on my ceiling in November 2019 and reported it to the property manager. The guy said he would check on it and for me to follow up in a week or so . So I give him an additional couple weeks and after not getting an answer to my email, I went to his office to inquire. He initially told me that he could not trace the leak to my neighbor upstairs and would investigate further and that it could possibly have been from pipe condensation in the summer.

I couldn't get a reply through email after a couple weeks, even after following up, so I went to his office. He told me he still couldn't trace the source to my upstairs neighbor, so the damage would be my responsibility. I asked him if he managed to find out if it was really from pipe condensation, because that sounded like it might be a common elements issue and he denied he said that. I started to get worried because he was giving me inconsistent information so I told him to send me an email detailing what we talked about today and the details of the investigation. Although he agreed to do so,, I did not get an email from him even after several follow up emails throughout the next month and a half. During this time, there was another fresh leak and further damage, so I copied the Board of directors on this issue. The board themselves responded and said that they discussed the matter in detail an that the property manager will give me details shortly.

I wasn't sure what shortly meant but I gave him a month and a week before following up. Again there were new leaks during this period. He still wasn't responding to my email so I let him know that I'd need to have my lawyer file a letter or contact the CMRAO if I don't get a response. I finally get a message saying that they will need to investigate further and WILL repair the damage once they find the root of the problem.

Anyways the issue I have right now is:
1) I have no faith that he will actually do anything to investigate
2) He still doesn't reply to my emails, not just to mine but other unit owners
3) If I ever need to get an answer from him, I need to take time off work just to go physically into his office
4) He's very dismissive in a rude way in person.

I do have a lawyer, but it would cost a lot of money to get advice from him. How would I be able to remedy this?

Thanks guys.