Aggressive Cat

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Aggressive Cat

Hey, just wondering if anyone has had the experience of having an aggressive cat that has had the "Alpha Male Syndrome"?

Our cat, who is 5 years old, orange tabby, loves to cuddle and be affectionate, but at times its like a switch will flick in him and he will swat, bite or attack. We've tried a bunch of different things to help modify his behavior, have talked with a cat behaviorist and it seems like the next step is medication. For an example, whenever the wife sneezes, cries, or laughs, he will attack her, but never attacks me when I sneeze or laugh. Or out of no where just attacks us - yes we pay attention to his cues or over stimulation. Whenever we have visitors over, we have to put him in a separate room or he will eventually attack whoever is visiting. When he had a bad UTI 2 years ago, we had to double his dose of medication that would help calm him down just to bring him into the vet (which the vet has never had to do for a cat - doubling the dose). We now have a 4 month old and so are becoming a bit more worried. He is an indoor cat (yes, probably needs to be outside, we tried thaty but he got lost and scared, but now are in a condo).

I've heard people giving their cat or dog prozak to help. Just checking in to see what your experience was like, meds, if it helped etc.
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I suggest that you take your cat to the vet and describe how he has been acting - and that you have a 4 month old. There are many meds that the vet might prescribe depending on your cat and his history. Of course Prozac is one of them, but it does not work on all dogs and cats. I know of one cat who is on a med for much the same reason but it is not Prozac. I won't say what it is because what your cat tries will be up to your vet and the dosage will be trial and error. You do not want a drugged up cat but one who is relatively calm. The cat that I know who is on a particular drug has calmed down immensely but still has personality which is what you want.
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I used to have a cat like this, his eyes would go wide and he'd go still before viciously attacking. Never could pin it down to why, but I learned to tell the signs. He also would attack some family members when they did things he didn't like (like shutting a door so he couldn't go into that particular room). He had been a semi-feral kitten and was a total wreck whenever anyone came over to the home. He also urinated around the house. Once he even urinated on me. He was lovely otherwise... quite honestly, as lovely as he was, it's a miracle we kept him all 17 years.

You should go to a vet for an assessment, they may try something like Clomicalm or maybe there is an underlying cause. Mind you, some cats are just not normal. Good luck!
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It's possible he's not getting enough exercise/physical activity and he just has too much energy. Try chasing him around your place a bunch of times. Just wear him out with activity and/or play. One of our cats isn't as aggressive as yours, but he can get nasty and it typically happens when we haven't played with him for a day because we've been too busy. And you're probably quite busy with a baby. In our case, hubby chases him around our condo like at a track -- three, four times. We make sure the doors are closed so he can't run off under the bed or something. Don't scare him or anything. Just chase him like it's a game and if he stops, pick him up and get him to start running again. Use a string or something to get him to chase you if that works instead, or a cat treat. It's worked so far for us and we also have an indoor cat. IMO, it's great you keep him indoors.

There's also a supplement called theanine that's meant to promote relaxation. It's a human supplement that comes in capsules. A number of people on a site I belong to,, have successfully used this supplement on their cats. I've used it as well. You could go to Holisticat also for ideas.
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