Air Canada cancelled flight between Toronto and HK in March

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  • Feb 19th, 2020 3:45 am
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Oct 26, 2003
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tripwire wrote: Just a heads up, this flight suspension has been extended until April 30.
How come? Trump says the Corona virus will be over in April.
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StatsGuy wrote: Operating margins

Q3 2019 ... fault.aspx ... 19-Results

AA pre tax margin 4.7%
AC operating margin 17.2 %
Q4 2019 AC was at 3.27% (operating revenues-operating expenses) BEFORE any interest and financing costs. ... -grounding

For the year, AC is at 8.62% (operating revenues-operating expenses) BEFORE any interest and financing costs.

You picked American to compare in 2019, which has had major labor issues, and a CEO who was seemingly on his way out. Once they get past this hump, they will once again be at double digit margins. AC can't compare to "most" of the US carriers, as you stated before.
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Jul 30, 2015
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StatsGuy wrote: I was referring to more profitable as operating margin

And none of the US airlines managed to get contract with pilots with ACs model of mainline and leisure

AC stock price has been one of the best performers as well in the index... All due to its favorable Union contracts. Same can't be said about many other airlines ...and then there's poor WestJet's mess of labor situation lol
What do you mean ?
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Marzipan wrote: One issue that is unfair is that airlines are forbidden to charge passengers by weight. if my checked bag is 2 kg overweight they will charge me even though the person behind me might be 80 kg overweight.
Idiot comment the overweight person walks on the plane. Heavy bags get handled by ground staff

Id be careful about fat shaming. There are already rules about larger people who cant fit a single seat. They must buy two

Just wait til someone measures you up and to what standard? You sure your as lean as you are skinny fatty?
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