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[AIr North] Air North YYJ-YLW 1 Jul 19 only ~$117 a/i

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  • May 31st, 2019 12:23 pm
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Air North YYJ-YLW 1 Jul 19 only ~$117 a/i

AIr North
One date only (that I checked):

Air North Victoria to Kelowna O/W ~$117 a/i for 1 July 2019 only.

Kind of makes me laugh/sad when I think that I paid ~$260 a/i R/T for KUL-DMK in the front cabin a few weeks ago.

There are other airlines that operate the route with low prices (Cenral Mountain 3x daily) but 1) more expensive (looking at you, WS), 2) operate props (small and large) only (Air North uses a 737 for these one-off runs), 3) require a change in Vancouver (AC).
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