Airline Interline Agreements

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Airline Interline Agreements

Interline agreements (which are a step below a codeshare) are arrangements between airlines that allow a passenger to check in bags and (usually) receive all their boarding passes at their departure airport. This allows the passenger and their bags to travel seamlessly without having to retag their bags or check in again along the way.

Airlines do not have to be alliance partners to do this: For example I've traveled with Air Canada and British Airways to Istanbul via Heathrow. At my departure airport in Canada, I got my boarding passes (including my BA one) and my bags were tagged all the way through to IST. It didn't matter that AC and BA aren't in the same alliance and don't codeshare.

Air Canada has interline agreements with pretty much every carrier of size on the planet: the major exceptions seem to be only LCCs like Mexico's Volaris and airlines from countries with which Canada has frosty relations such as SyrianAir.

WestJet has agreements with a variety of carriers as well. Some are codeshare (like Air France and Delta), while many others are interline (like British Airways). WS also has interline agreements with some Star Alliance carriers, such as United Airlines and Air New Zealand. So those carriers' alliance relationship with AC is no barrier to WS interlining with them.

What I'd like to see is WestJet start interlining with Lufthansa and All Nippon Airways, to provide further options and choice. Yes, WestJet and Lufthansa are in different terminals at YYZ but not at YUL and YVR, so this wouldn't be an insurmountable barrier.

What other interline partners should WestJet add?