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Alarm.com Security camera's

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Jul 5, 2008
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Alarm.com Security camera's

Hello All, need some advice. I am looking to renewal my home monitoring subscriptions with Liberty security. They offered me a great renewal promotion, adding 3 cameras(2xV723 wifi & VD101 door bell) and 6000 clips. I currently have Nest outdoor camera and quality is good however one of the cameras drop signal muplitle times a day. Asus 68u wireless router is 8 feet away from camera. Nest has sent me a new camera but same problem presist, Nest Camera is limited to 2.4 ghz in Canada :(. The reason i am considering Liberty is integration of all security into one App and one monthly fee. Liberty uses alarm.com outdoor cameras and supports 5 ghz , my questions are has anyone here used wireless alarm.com Camera's(V723), good or bad experience? are the notifications quick for Camera and door bell(Skybell hd)? Is 6000 clips enough for house with some what busy side walk? How is the video quality compared to Nest? Thank you in advance.
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Mar 7, 2008
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You can easily solve the nest connection issues with a mesh router setup.

I am never a fan of alarm install/subscription service so my comment is biased. Why not just get a alarm setup offer by Nest or Ring?

I installed the Ring alarm setup myself and there is optional professional monitoring for only $15 per month if I recall correctly. It also include cellular backup!