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Alibaba and freight collective, samples, etc.

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Aug 8, 2017
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Alibaba and freight collective, samples, etc.

Long story short, it was suggested I check out Alibaba for a way to find decent packaging for my items I wish to sell both retail and wholesale. I found a few manufacturers, all of which seem to offer free samples. Since I must order at a minimum 500 or more boxes at a time, I certainly prefer to look at what I am actually going to get.

After asking my first vendor for a sample they mentioned:

Yes, we can send you our existing box sample for your quality checking, pls tell me your email address and express account for freight collective, thanks.

If you do not have express account, pls pay USD 50 shipping cost to us, thanks.

Would you pls let me know delivery telephone No.?

I have to ask, $50 for a free sample of a tiny cardboard jewelry box that goes for 20 cents a piece? Seriously?

I am new to Alibaba so perhaps I just don't understand how this is supposed to work. I did some checking, and I believe what they mean by "Express account", is a DHL/UPS/FEDEX express account?

I never got one of those, as I live near the Can/US border and prefer to self-declare through customs and avoid the ludicrous brokerage fees, etc.

If I get an account with UPS, I'm still going to be hit with a $50 charge for a tiny little it of paper here?

I am looking for clarification of those who have deal with this type of system on Alibaba. Thanks.
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Mar 31, 2016
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$50 for sample is decent. I normally pay $75. Most suppliers will allow you to deduct the $50 if you put in a larger order once you verify quality