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Alternatives to Hanging Christmas Lights on House?

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  • Oct 5th, 2013 6:44 pm
Apr 4, 2007
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Alternatives to Hanging Christmas Lights on House?

Hi all,

Just like the title said, does anyone have any ideas other than hanging lights for Christmas? Whether your house is too high, or you're afraid of heights... What other cool ideas have you seen?

I don't like the idea of leaving Christmas lights up all year round, and hanging as well as removing lights would be a major pain....and I'm not the greatest person when it comes to heights.... lol
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Jul 27, 2009
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SCROOGE IT BABY. Put up hanging dolls with out heads.

Other than that, try doing lights around a tree or handrail or just dont do nothing.
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Nov 27, 2003
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You can hire someone to hang up lights for you. You can also rent lights/decorations as well. If you're into the whole festive stuff, but hate doing the work this might be a good idea. They usually have some package deal where they'll the put the decorations up and then take them down after the holidays are over.
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Feb 19, 2008
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Get some pre-lit xmas trees for the front entrance - most take a couple minutes to setup. That's what i do, never bother with the roof lights. You could probably additionally add pre-lit wreaths, deers and other s#*t too.
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May 11, 2007
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put it up around your windows inside the house and get some lights that goes on your landscape, that should look good too...


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