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Alternatives to Rogers Cable

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  • May 8th, 2018 1:56 pm
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Alternatives to Rogers Cable

I wanted to renew my cable tv services for my Senior folks with Rogers and was offered around $93 a month tax in for 1 HD PVR and 1 HD box on their Popular package. this seems rather high and was looking at more cost-effective ways. Essentially, I have 3 TVs that we watch services on and would like to record on 2 of them.

What would you guys suggest I do?
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How much are you looking to spend per month? Do you have any other services with Rogers? How tech-savvy are your parents?

In general, there won't be any real savings to be found switching from Rogers to another cable company like Bell since there is no real competition in Canada. The major savings comes from 'cord cutting'... which means dropping traditional cable for some combination OTA antenna (major networks/live tv/ news), PC/Plex/Kodi (PVR functionality), Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime (movies & tv series), and MLB,tv, NBA league pass etc if you want sports.
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If you have Rogers cable tv at at your home with multiple boxes, just give one to your folks and don't renew at their place.
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peteryorkuca wrote: If you have Rogers cable tv at at your home with multiple boxes, just give one to your folks and don't renew at their place.
But doesn't that mean they have to cancel service with Rogers, then Rogers would put a block on their line? But I do know some instances where the cable was working regardless of cancellation. I thought the new PVR are hard coded to the address it is being used on?

OP why not go with IPTV for your parents? 2 premium servers would cost about $30 / month ($15 each / month) and 2 boxes (MAG322w1) would cost you $130 each. That's what I did for my parents, and they love it because it is easy and simple to use. As for PVR, most IPTV servers have either a 7 or 14 day catchup TV so you can go back to a certain missed event. Or you can use a USB stick and record timed shows on their. It won't be a straight alternative, but it is something cost effective with lots more channels then what Rogers would offer.
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