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Am I being scammed?

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Sep 5, 2018
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Am I being scammed?

Hi, I rarely use PayPal and have only used it to pay & transfer to others, today is the first time I received money on the platform, trading with a person that responded to my listing

After a transaction (I assumed they were done), they would ask for more, which is why it evolved in to multiple transactions

A bit too late, I realized the number they are texting me is from Florida, I am from Toronto and that they are using different e-mails/names for every amount I received (They paid first)

I transferred any amount I received right away in to my bank because I am not familiar with PayPal scams and would like some education so I can avoid it, since I see myself starting to use PayPal more

Is there a way for them to reverse the deposits to me?
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Feb 11, 2015
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There's a spoof that goes out, just got one recently, your paypal has been activated from another computer, please log in and the email it's from is an alphanumeric like no other that it's not from paypal at all. I would say that's a flag for someone getting into a few accounts and sending money around. I don't think he's using paypal from friends and relatives, as there would be some similarities, not all difference. I would say that's what's going on, and after christmas, lots of them tend to buy up a lot.

After New Year's when everyone logs in and sees what happened, they will get their money back, and you will have a negative balance that they will keep on trying to bill you from your initial source for. At least I think so, doubt it's legit if he's using random names and money from all over.
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Nov 24, 2016
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yes... if it's fraud sadly paypal will put a negative balance on your account and if you don't pay it they will send it to debt collectors. Honestly if you are selling stuff avoid paypal.


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