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[Amazon.ca] Airpods 2nd Generation with Wireless Charging Case - $229.00 ($40 off)

Dec 29, 2017
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Amazing people buy these. Anyone doing just a little study re air buds will quickly find these are way too expensive and inferior to many others far cheaper. Now if they were the air buds pro....
Aug 7, 2019
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mindabsence wrote: My research led me to this model from this seller as being some of the top tier knockoffs: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ ... 6dd8GMw9kY

We have a bunch of them in the house now - no complaints from anyone. Sound quality is great, battery life is ~4ish hours (listening at office volume), in ear detection even works on Android (woohoo).
What exactly led you to choose these ones?
Nov 23, 2004
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weedb0y wrote: How's the mic? That seems to be an issue with knock-offs
Comme ci comme ça. The most usable of the knockoff mics that I've tried in the last few months - wife tells me I sound just fine when we've talked on them a few times. I can not compare to Apple Airpods though - never owned apple ones, only tried them from a friend to compare music quality vs. mine. I'm told not even the apple have ones a bangin' mic either.
DrDoomsday wrote: What exactly led you to choose these ones?
There's a whole subreddit (reptronics) of guys who order and test knockoffs to find the best ones. There's a top three recommended list they publish and this particular seller and model is top of the list for having the best quality, sound, features, and support (his English is really good as far as Chinese sellers tend to go). I bought based on their recommendations. He's done several revisions in the last year and is currently on v2.5 which is regarded as about as close to Apple's as people suspect he'll get probably.
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Jul 5, 2005
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I got a brand new pair sealed for sale $200 from the last staples deal if anyone wants. I have no use and going to return them anyways. Pm me if interested. Im im the West end end near Walmart stockyards