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Locked: [Amazon.ca] Amazon.ca Rewards Mastercard - 5% for 6 months

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  • Jun 19th, 2019 1:37 pm
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Nov 10, 2012
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inferno_gn wrote: Hi there,

For those who is considering applying, I would wait until July. So if you do get the card, the 6 month 5% bonus will cover Christmas)/Boxing Day period of 2019...

Ju Leon...
Unless you want to take advantage of Prime Day, which is typically in July.
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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi there,

Well, apply July 1. If approved, the card should be in before Prime Day and 6 months covers until Jan. 2020. :P

Ju Leon...
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Aug 29, 2001
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Newbury, ON
I had thr old Amazon.ca card and moved to HomeTrust when it shut down. This new one doesn't compel me to move away from HT. The old card gave the cashback monthly vs yearly.
Aug 18, 2016
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pca1987 wrote: I thought this didnt work. At groceries stores they only do a separate transaction for the giftcards which I believe is not categorized as groceries?
Never had a problem getting 4% on gift cards or had them do separate transaction
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Sep 2, 2018
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Blainville, QC
Application seems to have been pulled down.
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Jul 24, 2003
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Would have gotten the card if it came with free Prime instead.
Mar 4, 2017
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OP here. I realize this isn't a great deal for people who (a) don't have prime or (b) don't buy enough from Amazon.

As for me, I became a heavy user of Prime and Subscribe & Save after having a child so $3,000 quota will be filled within few months. I already have the Scotia Momentum Infinite card but this card will save me and I suspect few others a lot of money over a year.
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Nov 12, 2011
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It should at least come with discounted ot free Prime membership to be relevant
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Mar 13, 2012
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sid8tive wrote: Application seems to have been pulled down.
Server hugged to death? :P
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Nov 6, 2018
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inferno_gn wrote: Hi there,

Well, apply July 1. If approved, the card should be in before Prime Day and 6 months covers until Jan. 2020. :P

Ju Leon...
Once approved for the card it's available to use immediately on your amazon.ca account.
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Oct 2, 2005
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Learza wrote: 150$ bonus IF you spend $3000 on a specific set of things. OK deal under the right circumstance. But if you need a card and you're going to spend on the website or their grocery store anyways then this might be right for you! Amazon Prime day is coming around anyways so you never know how much RFDers are going to spend there anyways.
It's only a $97.50 bonus compared to using a Rogers World Elite instead. $3000 x (5% - 1.75%)

After the 1st $3000, you're only getting 0.75% more cashback on Amazon if you have prime, but with no extended warranty. If you use extended warranty on more than 1 in every 133 purchases, you'll be coming out ahead with Rogers.
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Jul 6, 2018
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I think you meant to post this on brownsh*tdeals.com. Literally the worst "deal" I've ever seen on this site. This is more like the opposite of a deal.
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Dec 24, 2017
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Gambino604 wrote: I like this trend of upvoting garbage. I'm in.
you deserve an upvote
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Dec 24, 2017
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This card is garbage
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Jul 18, 2008
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I RFD wrote: Why is 2.5% at Amazon bad? The best cash back card atm wont even get you 2%.
Because it requires prime. Without prime it's a bog standard 1% cashback card, which everyone has a bunch of already (at least I do).
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