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[Amazon.ca] Amazon - Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE, ANC Bluetooth Headphone $119.95

May 20, 2006
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[Amazon.ca] Amazon - Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE, ANC Bluetooth Headphone $119.95

Same price as Cyber Monday.
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Aug 28, 2011
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I remember posting this for Cyber Monday and grabbed a pair since $119 is an all time low.

I really don't recommend these due to QC and quality concerns. At this price point, these cans are a top bang for your buck pair. Neutral sound, performs well on bass, mids and highs - very pleasurable and warm sound signature. ANC is passable with no cabin pressure. It's probably two-thirds as effective at NC vs XM3s or QC35s.

But I've been plagued by quality concerns. First pair had issues with plastic squeaking on the right ear cup through the most minute of head movements - didn't make for a pleasant auditory experience.

Second pair had uneven hissing on the left ear cup (considerably louder than the right) with ANC on.

Third pair has crackling in the headband when flexed. Not a concern presently, but it indicates that it's not solidly built. Right earcup is also starting to squeak.

Comfort is a concern for some people with this pair. The ear cups are smaller than average for an around ear, and fits more like a half-half on ear/around ear. I found it best to sort of tuck the back of my ear in first, then shifting the headphones back to get a comfy fit.

I'll be returning my pair, but if you want to roll the dice with the QC, it's a pretty good deal if you get lucky
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