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[Amazon.ca] (Back in Stock!) Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Charging Case Renewed – Copper Blue - $49.99

May 18, 2015
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Lorraine, QC
fatestkid wrote: Did you specifically ask about refurbished 65t?
yes I sent the message to the seller directly from Amazon, at the same time I just received an email to tell me that the delivery is for today
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Jul 27, 2004
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Damn, OOS on Walmart too :( I just picked up TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94, I can't decide if I should get the Jabra 65t instead?
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Oct 30, 2006
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I ordered a set of MPow M30+ 3 days ago for $58 with sale/coupon because I dropped my Jabra Elite 64t into some water for 3 seconds (I've had it since Nov 26 2018 - it's currently in rice).

I actually have 3 pairs of Jabra Elite 64t buds (2 from late 2018 and 1 from January 2020) - one I use only for my work laptop, and two (1 Regular, 1 Active) I use for my S9, and home laptop or Nintendo Switch (2 device multipoint works well, and I'm glad I don't need to re-pair each time I switch). I brought two because I found that working outside I sometimes run through the battery and it's useful to have a spare while it's recharging. Except for my negligence all of them still work great and I haven't noticed a decrease in battery life across any of them.

After using the Jabras for all these years, how comfortable they are - I just can't take the M30+ - ear fatigue after a few minutes of listening and so darn difficult not to accidentally hit a touch control when putting it on or otherwise adjusting it. And that's not even mentioning the issues with callers hearing me dropping out constantly in a quiet place (something I didn't experience with the Jabras).

I am annoyed with the 64t's because of 4 things:
1. The master bud being the right one (though I found a workaround for myself in putting it in the left ear upside down, which I use when I want to listen to my audio discretely with only one bud)
2. The left bud only works when the right one is within 6 inches or so, and can't be used on it's own otherwise - so I can't just pass one bud to my wife to listen too without staying right next to her - which becomes a burden the time in the hospital when I impromtu thought we could watch a movie together privately in a shared room.
3. I found that various light fixtures and also my Power over Ethernet adapters caused hissing or other noises in the left bud because the connection between right and left is sensitive to electrical interference. I ended up actually replacing my PoE Networking system at home with a wireless one in part to eliminate this.
4. Non magnetic case, so they don't always start recharging when you put them in (even with the OEM case)

But taking that into account, I've decided these are definitely worth it - great comfort, dedicated volume control and excellent sound quality - I literally spent $36.99 buying a non-OEM replacement case on Amazon in the summer when my Active Case got splashed for a second in pool water (the cases are NOT waterproof in any way) - so for $49.99 no tax - it's crazy not to pick these up. And if my other one is dead, at least this way I can use the OEM case instead of the replacement.

So I had said it went OOS and was bummed a page back, but I'm so glad I was able to finally catch it in stock a couple of hours later - if it comes back in stock again I highly recommend pouncing on it.

So really glad for this deal, thanks for the post OP and all the discussion, it helped me decide to go ahead and get another one :)

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Oct 30, 2006
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Back in Stock Guys!

It's not coming up in the Buy Box, but hit "Available from these sellers."

Comes up with same option I bought this morning from the Buy Box:
& FREE Shipping
Arrives: Oct 29 - Nov 3
Add to Cart from seller Jabra Company Store and price CDN$ 49.99
Ships from Jabra Company Store"

UPDATE: It's gone again just now at 12:52pm ET...

UPDATE: It's now back again at 1:20pm on Amazon...
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Aug 23, 2014
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Mississauga, ON
Audio is great. mic is also good so far. However, the things that i dont like:
- The case doesnt have a magnet and the earbuds are loose in the case
- the case is hard to open. and since they dont have a magnet they earbuds can fall when you open the case
- The left earbud has a static hiss noise. maybe may unit is defective.
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Jan 6, 2005
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Got mine. Look brand new. Language was set to French. Says my firmware is up to date.
Firmware is 2.34.0 (1033) English, everyone else?
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The second rule of RFD is, you DO NOT talk about RFD.
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May 10, 2015
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Toronto, ON
jackass_ca wrote: Got mine. Look brand new. Language was set to French. Says my firmware is up to date.
Firmware is 2.34.0 (1033) English, everyone else?
Mine was set to French as well. After downloading the Jabra app and switches the language to English, the app then prompted me to update firmware.
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Mar 20, 2013
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Have your DHL teaching been updated or it just popped at the door? Mine left last night from US, but after the hype of this thread I would love to test them before the weekend :D.
May 18, 2015
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Lorraine, QC
Your DHL Express shipment ##### from JABRA was delivered Fri Oct 23 at 14:06. Tell us how we did : ........

mine come 🤩 with a sms and a picture on the DHL sit
Ordered 21/10
leave it in my letterbox next to my door, can't wait to test
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Jul 21, 2011
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ordered on thursday, received today at noon - well, this is faster than prime one day shipping!

- came with english and also the latest firmware.
- looks brand new to me
- pairing was easy, and when earbud is taken out from the case, it automatically connected to my phone.

i returned my airpods pro, and got this one. works awesome, huge saving!

Thanks OP
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Feb 10, 2003
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sorrowt wrote: Audio is great. mic is also good so far. However, the things that i dont like:
- The case doesnt have a magnet and the earbuds are loose in the case
- the case is hard to open. and since they dont have a magnet they earbuds can fall when you open the case
Magnet in the case would definitely be nice to have.

To open the case easily, pinch the lid front to back (thumb on the front near the ridge, forefinger on the back of the lid/case). I figured this out completely by fluke, but also read a review that said the same thing.
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Dec 19, 2019
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Long time lurker, first post! Just wanted to post my experience buying this product because it might be helpful if anyone else runs into the same issue.
First of all, great deal OP! Been looking to upgrade my generic branded Bluetooth wireless for a while. For me, it arrived for me 3 days after ordering, a whopping 4 days before the early estimate.

Upon arrival, it looked pretty good, with no visible problems or scratches. The first and only major issue appeared when I paired and put some music to try it out: one of the earbuds (right side on my case) had very low volume and it "kinda worked" if I pushed and moved it around my earlobe. I googled a little bit and found this suggestion on Reddit that, unbelievably, worked. So if anyone is having the same issue, maybe give it a try!

https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/com ... dium=web2x

After that issue was fixed, upon a more thorough analysis of the product, I noticed that inside the charging dock, the deep pockets weren't as clean as they could... All in all, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a fast alcohol + q-tip love.

My current review is that the sound is pretty good but the active HearThrough feature is not all that amazing (I'm not that used to this feature in general so maybe I just had too high expectations)
I still got to test it more but I'm very satisfied with it, especially at a 50$ price point.

Cheers all at RFD
Jul 10, 2017
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Mine arrived today, still seems to be a crazy amount of interference on Zoom calls via my PC sadly, definitely noticing the hiss on the left side that others have mentioned.
They do seem like a decent pair of earbuds but not sure they'll do what i wanted them for, solid price though.
Mar 16, 2007
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Ordered Thursday at noon , arrived Friday at 6:30pm.
Arrived in a plastic bag, in good condition. A second pair I bought for a family member had a slight ding in the right ear bud.
My pair started in English and paired in short order. Initially it sounded like nothing special. I figured my ears must be weird and not a good fit for many wireless earbuds. My QCY T5 sound good when they’re in one spot, unfortunately it’s hard to ge them in that one spot.
I updated firmware. It still sounded kinda meh.
I then looked in a mirror and rotated them such that the mic’s stick between the bottom of my earlobe and the tragus. Everything sounded much better. At this point I am quite pleased with my purchase. Comfort wise, they’ve been good for the hour I’ve had them on.

These blow the QCY T5 out of the water from a sound quality. I attribute this to the better fit and seal. Though I am sure there’s much better tuning at jabra for thai product.