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[Amazon.ca] Berkley Cherrywood Casting Rod | $36

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Jun 3, 2012
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Bawler wrote: I actually do in fact use an Ugly Stick when trolling for musky! Although I'll admit I just prefer it because it came with a line counter on it hahaha.

If you see a decent deal on a upper end spinning reel, I do need a new one. I've got a Shimano Sedona 2500 currently but I'd like to see what some of the higher end reels feel like.
I use to buy STRATICs on ebay from Florida fishing stores about 5 years ago. America always has much cheaper prices. Dirt cheap like $85-$110 new, bidding in mid winter. no taxes or customs.
If you win lotto max this tuesday buy Stellas lol. Symetres are pretty great midrange workhorses and I have a few of those on 2nd and 3rd rods on day trips.

I got a sedona on my ultralight which I use at my local pond when I need a quick fix. iirc sedona 500.

I kind of miss my symetre with rear drag dial and flip lever drag. It was cool but did make the reel heavier. It was easy to adjust drag quickly once you hook a fish though and need to loosen or tighten to maintain proper rod bend.

upper end reels feels butter smooth and I love the infinite anti-reverse and metal spool. the upper end reels are more an investment especially if you want the reel to last 10 years if you fish occasionally or if you want great performance with nice smooth drag and fish a lot.

reel gear ratio is important so you have to spend some time thinking on that. Its partially preference but also depends on the lure you most like using.