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Buy 1 WorkPro utility knife and get a set of 2 led headlamps free

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May 10, 2010
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[Amazon.ca] Buy 1 WorkPro utility knife and get a set of 2 led headlamps free

I was in a market for an utility knife. Upon further reading I noticed that you can get this one free with a purchase of one of 3 items.
The cheapest item costs 14.99 (same price) and is an EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp Flashlight.
Everbrite LED Headlamp...
I realize that title should read in the other way, but that's how I found the deal. (I also know you can get a utility knife in Dollarama, but wanted to buy a pretty one)
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May 25, 2011
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As someone coming from the Energizer flip down light design I got when Target was going out of business which I thought was a good deal (the lighting was good but the pivot wasn't and wears down quickly) I would caution people from getting that headlight design from the OP. Not to say the lighting in the link in the OP sucks as I don't own one but I know that pivot design and it weakens quickly as the weight of the batteries in the light cause it to flop down a lot. If you are say IDK typing fishing knots or doing something that needs the light pointed all the way down (like when the pivot point wears down/breaks) then you're ok.

But if you are walking the dog or biking/running and want to angle the light to beam downrange while in motion forget about it. The light will flop down on you. You are better off with a headband and a maglite or something like the Coleman https://www.coleman.com/high-power-100l ... ps#start=6 but in a 150lumen model but in that design where the whole head rotates up or down to where you need the light instead of a pivot hinge light the Energizer. I can only speak on Colemans headlamp and it is pretty good if you can find it.
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