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Catan (5E) ($38.99/20% Off) + Select Expansions ($19.99 - $38.99/20% Off)

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  • Oct 30th, 2016 8:06 am
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Dec 10, 2006
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Thanks OP. Great deal for the base game.

spotts01 wrote: Traders and Barbarians is ok - I think there are 4-5 versions just within that pack.

Cities & Knights is my favourite edition

Still a lot of cash for the quality of the product. I guess we are paying for the R&D.
Cities and Knights is really a try before you buy as I find that it makes the game way too long.

If I have 3 hours to play games, I would much rather play regular Catan and a game of Castle of Burgundy or 7 Wonders.

If I'm with people that are in the mood to play something meatier, I would probably play Le Havre or Orléans.

I have not tried Traders and Barbarians as it's not compatible with my version of Catan (German 10th aniversary), so I don't really want to spend $38.99 X2 when I have over 25 boardgames still unplayed on my shelves.
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Nov 8, 2007
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Back on sale at Amazon and Bestbuy