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[Amazon.ca] Cuisinart CSO-300NC Combo Steam/Convection Oven $243

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  • Jun 1st, 2016 1:32 pm
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Feb 7, 2012
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[Amazon.ca] Cuisinart CSO-300NC Combo Steam/Convection Oven $243

Cuisinart CSO-300NC Combo Steam/Convection Oven with New Steam Clean Feature $243.21

Not as good as the $215 deal @AcidBomber found in February but I've been looking for a deal since and this is the cheapest I've found. They normally go for $300

I'm not sure if this is a deal because it doesn't say how much % it is off so this might be the new price or a price error
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Apr 11, 2006
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This was on sale for $199.99 from amazon.ca back in March as a lightning deal. I'm pretty sure I've seen it appear as a lightning deal before that too. So if you don't mind waiting, $199.99 seems to be the price to beat.
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Dec 11, 2012
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bought one at BB @189 (or it could be 199) for the gf 1.5yrs back & she loves it. not as nice in quality as my breville smart toaster oven but the steam function is where this beast really shines. the breville owns this cuisinart in baking/roast/toast functions but it sure is nice to toss in veggies, corn, etc etc & even leftovers in steam or steambake. its also great to bring stale bread back to a nice soft & fluffy.