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[Amazon.ca] Ear otoscope (ear camera)

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  • Sep 29th, 2020 8:05 pm
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Jul 26, 2007
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tweep0 wrote: Respectfully disagree. This device will not tell you if there is complete occlusion of the ear canal as a cause of the hearing loss. If your patiebt has a sudden hearing loss or pain, you better see them ASAP, get an audiogram, or refer them to an ENT specialist. Covid 19 is not going to save you from the lawsuit for making clinical decisions based on this device.
When one of my ear was blocked off few years back, you can tell the nurse hated doing her job. After few attempts, they called it quits and declared it might be permanent hearing loss and told me to go home, too bad.

I had to do my own research with one good ear and my heart sank to rock bottom. Knowing it might be permanent, I had more aggressive approach then being gentle. After trying various methods from mineral oil to constantly scraping outter ear because your pinky can only go so far because loss of hearing bothers the fack out of you. After few weeks, the mineral oil solution worked out while showering.

After wiping off tears from having my hearing back, this little device could have helped me compare from left and right ear of wax build up and even go back to the doc for retaliatory action.
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Sep 3, 2019
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xumei wrote: anyone ordered and received the product? I received a blue version and it looks very simple (unlike the picture shows on Customer Review with a box and accessories). Mine only has main body, 4 ear spoon and a usb charger....
Yes, my blue version is very simple, nothing like some of the photos in the review

Like someone else mentioned, it's like flying an airplane through a curvy tunnel. It's not easy to scrap off as you'd think as the earwax is sticky and tends to stick to the skin/hairs inside the ear