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Echo Show 8 with Sengled Wifi Bulb $69.97

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  • Sep 3rd, 2021 4:01 pm
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Mar 18, 2011
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Bought. Couldn't resist :/

Thanks, OP!
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Aug 10, 2006
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1st gen
2nd gen is like $139 for a faster processor and way better camera, not sure double the price is worth the money though, looks almost exactly same too.. leaning towards the lower price

edit. amazon reviewer, may consider spending more now.. lol

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5.0 out of 5 stars Significant Improvements - This is the Best All Around Echo Display Speaker
Reviewed in Canada on June 21, 2021
Color Name: CharcoalConfiguration: Device onlyVerified Purchase
If you are only going to buy one Echo Show speaker and are undecided on with Echo Show to buy … this is the One to Get!

I already own a couple Echo Show 5’s and 8’s and use them everyday. The echo Show 5 makes the perfect SMART Alarm Clock however the screen is too small and the camera resolution is so, so. The echo show 8 is the Goldilocks of Smart Video Speakers. It’s not too big, not to small …. it’s just right.

You may be tempted to purchase an older cheaper Echo Show 8 Gen 1 speaker but I wouldn’t recommend it … the improvements to the new Echo Show Gen 2 speaker are significant and worth the marginal increased cost or waiting for if there is a delay when ordering.

*** Gen 2 Improvements and Features … ***

- Camera gets upgraded from 1MP in old version to 13MP in the new Gen 2 Version
- The camera is not only higher resolution but much better in low light
- Auto Tracking/Framing.
This is a new feature that keeps you in the centre of the frame even if you move around when you’re on a video call. It works really well.
- Remote Viewing - Security Camera.
This is the best new feature and it allows the Show 8 to be used as a security camera.
You can remotely view the camera when you’re not at home so you can verify an alarm, check up on the kids or keep an eye on the baby
-Privacy …
a warning displays on the Echo show when someone is viewing the camera
- The new camera has a much wider angle lens for wider field of view
- New color controls and adaptive color correction
- Motion Sensor …
the camera detect motion and can now trigger rules and scenes, like turning on a light when you walk into the room.
- The processor on the Gen 2 Show 8 is more powerful and noticeably faster.
- Energy Saving … the new Gen 2 Echo Show will power down to save energy when not in use
- You can watch Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and Youtube (via Silk browser)
- Environmentally Friendly … the new echo show 8 is made from recycled materials
- Other new features include the ability to upload photos and backgrounds

*** Gen 2 Disappointments … ***

- White Cord ? Since 2020 Amazon switched to all white power supplies and cords in all Echo devices regardless of their color. I ordered the Charcoal Black Echo speaker and got a white cord and power supply.

I can’t believe for $170 Amazon can’t provide a matching black power supply. If you want a matching color power supply you’ll have to fork out another $25 and buy a third party Black power supply … also sold on Amazon … that’s ridiculous!

- Bluetooth Only. Amazon removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the back of the echo show
- No support for Disney+ and awkward YouTube integration
- No Full Screen Clock Display like the Echo Show 5
- Seems to be More Ads than previous Echo Shows ... I don't know why?

*** Recommendations: ***

If you’ve never owned an Echo Show speaker before the New Echo Show 8 Gen 2 is the Best Echo Video Smart Speaker for the money and the one I’d recommend.

If you already own an Echo Show 8 Gen 1 and are wondering if you should upgrade, the improvements to the camera alone are the biggest reason to consider upgrading. The 13MP camera will provide a HUGE difference in video quality plus you get auto framing, remote viewing and motion trigger capability. The faster processor, adaptive color correction and energy saving mode are also worthy reasons to upgrade.
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Dec 7, 2013
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nnlnn2 wrote: 1st gen
What are the main differences between gen 1 and 2 to justify a 70$ price difference ?
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Nov 21, 2011
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Just bought 2 of these last week with the 25% off business promo.. Will need to get a price adjustment or just return/re-buy
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Mar 30, 2010
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thanks OP. still prefer the 1st generation.
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Apr 9, 2006
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It's too bad you can't have the audio come out of the unit in parallel with the audio 3.5mm out.
I hear once you plug a device into this jack, it disables the audio on the unit - such a shame and a deal breaker for me.
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Jul 2, 2014
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Nice find OP

A small caveat - I have had problems with the slideshow/photos features on my echo shows and fire sticks (I have a lot of pictures in my library).
THere are quite a few complaints online about this and Amazon isn't doing anything about it.
Otherwise a pretty nice device.
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Aug 10, 2006
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arghhh. waited to long to decide. back at 84.99
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Sep 29, 2005
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I have a question about the Sengled bulb.

The bulb is paired via Bluetooth to an Echo device but also supports a mesh setup. If I pair to an Echo device and then move the bulb to another room where there's another Echo device, will it respond to Alexa commands from the other device?