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Gamma Seal Lid, Orange, $11.77

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  • Jun 2nd, 2018 11:02 pm
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[Amazon.ca] Gamma Seal Lid, Orange, $11.77

Been waiting for a 'Gamma' Vittles product to drop in price but the lids (for buckets) dropped first. Going to try them out for flour & pet food. Multiple colours on sale, so I settled on an orange and a yellow (black shows not stocked for 1-2 months, plus couldn't tell if the bottom piece, on black, included a seal). Some reviews cautioned that bottom snap on piece was missing the seal but had the seal for the top screw on piece (coloured lids show they should have two seals).

3C's shows lowest price on some colours.

Free shipping with prime or over $35.

Orange, $11.77, stocked

Yellow, $12.03, stocked

Black, $11.77, stocked

Green, $11.77, stocked

Alternative Black, $11.74, 1-2 months delivery
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This would be very convenient if doctors needed to access my insides very quickly
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A little tight to get to the chips but it might work!

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Thanks, have been looking to get these for years at a reasonable price.
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Thanks OP, have wanted a solution for storing birdseed, and fertilizer (not together) so it doesn't get moldy, etc... these should work well.
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