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Jul 11, 2009
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Windyt wrote: I use a secondary Facebook account for my quest 2, it's not rocket science.
That's the problem - if their bots find out its a second account, you'll be banned - along with losing access to anything you've paid for.

Since I don't use facebook, I myself have resorted to just creating a facebook account with zero contacts/content etc - just to take advantage of their cheap tech.
Oct 12, 2011
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Vancouver, BC
TotalDistinction wrote: You want to go online with your XBox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch and use their online stores, you need an account. I don't see how the Facebook integration is far different.
That is not even the same argument. Of course you need a account in that scenario, how else is it going to authenticate you got a subscription. You can use your device without that account though.
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Mar 7, 2006
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Exactly. Most software require you to register to some extent. What you choose to put in your account, and hence the world, is up to you. You can totally choose to register for a FB account that has absolutely no content related to your identity. If you are that worried about privacy, you shouldn't be using Internet enabled electronic devices.

Quest 2 is a way better deal. Lol
TotalDistinction wrote: To be brutally frank...stop with this Facebook argument. Do you use Facebook? Instagram? WhatsApp? Guess what, they are all Facebook properties. You share more personal information through these apps than your "VR gaming habits" to Facebook with the Quest. So you're going to deny yourself of using some amazing VR tech because you have to use a Facebook account?

Do you have an Android device? Guess what, you have to have a Google account for the mobile device that has your life on it. Do you use Gmail? Guess what, that's Google too. Do you think Google is any better than Facebook?
Do you use IOS? Guess what, you're stuck in Apple's walled garden. Sure, we'd all like to believe that Apple has our privacy interests in mind. Apple just want to keep the information to themselves.
Use an XBox? Outlook? Office 365? You need a Microsoft account.
You need an account to use a Playstation. Guess what, Sony knows your gaming habits.

This whole Facebook thing is so overblown and is such an artificial argument. Yeah, I get it. Facebook is the worse for using your personal information. If you know that, stop posting on Facebook!
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Nov 1, 2017
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Quest 2 is a normie device, while VR is still an emerging tech that primarily targeted enthusiasts.

It's not surprising that Facebook is getting alot of hate for this change. I'm sure VR enthusiasts are more privacy concerned than normal people.

Eventually I think the Facebook model will succeed. Normies don't care about privacy, and the small group that does care will move to more open headsets like the Index, HTC or HP.

I don't need Facebook tracking my VR porn preferences.
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Oct 17, 2009
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TheRockNL wrote: I know very little about VR, but that line bothers me. What crossover is there between Facebook and this VR headset? What personal information am I giving up if I wanted to use this headset? I want very little to do with Facebook if possible.
I had my Facebook account nuked by Facebook after using my Quest 2 for 15 minutes. I can't be arsed to fight it. Facebook is cancer.