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Italpasta Elbows Club Pack, 2.27Kg | 42% Off | $4.05

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  • Jul 20th, 2020 9:48 am
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Jun 10, 2004
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[Amazon.ca] Italpasta Elbows Club Pack, 2.27Kg | 42% Off | $4.05

  • Uses only 100-Percent Grade-A Durum Semolina
  • 100-Percent Canadian
  • Cooks Al Dente
  • Kosher


Lowest Recorded Price EVER on CCC

Note: Sells out fast.
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Apr 13, 2005
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Right now walmart sells Italpasta for 97c for 900g, which is slightly cheaper then their own brand. This is not on their website but I bought some in the store yesterday. Italpasta often can be found at this price point in local grocery stores. Amazon price even at 42% off is grossly overinflated.
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Nov 10, 2011
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To me, not a great deal. You can regularly get the 900g bags of pasta for around $1. Sometimes it's Italpasta, sometimes it's another brand, eg No Name pasta 900 was .99 at No Frills Niagara Region July 2-8. By my (often faulty) math that's 2.49/2.27kg. Plus I can get a variety of shapes (not a big fan of elbows).

This week (July 16-22), Primo pasta is .88 for 750g at FreshCO(Niagara region). That's $2.66 for 2.27kg. Again a variety of shapes should be available.

This week (July 16-22), Unico pasta is .99 for 750g at Zehrs(Niagara region). That's $2.99 for 2.27kg. Again a variety of shapes should be available.

If you gotta have Italpasta, only want elbows, and aren't going to a grocery store any time soon, go ahead and order this Add-On item from Amazon.

PS, the REAL DEAL at Amazon is Italpasta Penne Lisce 900g for $0.99 (add-on, min order 2). Now looking for a $25 order to get this deal.
https://www.amazon.ca/Italpasta-Penne-L ... r=8-2&th=1
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