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[Keyboard] EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit LED, Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard (84.99) $40 off

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  • May 16th, 2021 7:23 am
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Dec 20, 2007
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For anyone looking for a dust and water resistant alternative I picked this up last week.

Asus K7 @ Canada Computers

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I've never had a mech keyboard before so I'm not the best reviewer but it certainly feels solid. Has opti-mechanical switches and is IP56 rated. If you jump in know that these are the linear key models, not clicky.

I was OK with that I wanted it as quiet as possible.

I already had an asus motherboard and it links in with armory crate software if you want to use the software to control RGB / profiles / macros. I haven't gotten into that at all yet other than syncing RGB with my system.

Only thing it didn't have that I would've appreciated was a volume knob and maybe a USB pass thru. But at this price I was OK jumping in to see if I like a mech keyboard. Still much louder than my logitech wireless membrane but my wife hasn't complained yet.

Also has a magnetic wrist rest. And media control via Fn keys. A little more annoying but not a total loss.

Just thought I'd offer it up as a possible alternative at the same price range. Maybe especially if you have the asus software especially and don't want another one.

This EVGA looks very good with the media keys included. I probably would've gone for it had I seen it first. But I do kind of like the gun metal silver ish metal top plate on the asus and the water resistance :-)


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