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[] Lexar Jumpdrive S75 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Black) | $19.99 (all-time low)

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  • Nov 21st, 2020 9:24 pm
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Jan 28, 2018
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[] Lexar Jumpdrive S75 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Black) | $19.99 (all-time low)

Lexar Jumpdrive S75 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Black), LJDS75-128ABBKNA


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Nov 30, 2019
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Grabbed the 64GB from BestBuy for a similar price this week. Decent drive. Good Price.
Nov 28, 2013
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According to some of the reviews on Amazon, it is not true USB 3.1 and only writes at less than the speed of a USB 2.0

"1.0 out of 5 stars Do not buy if U want USB 3.1 speed!

Actually uses USB 2.0 memory with a tiny cache of faster memory.

Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2019
Color Name: BlackSize : 128GBVerified Purchase

Just because manufacturers say USB 3.0/3.1 compatibility, does not mean the drive contains main memory that writes above slow USB 2.0 speeds.

The Lexar S75 writes very slowly at only 1/2 of USB 2.0 speeds (13.5Mb/s). SAD and not worth $20! Their estimate of 60Mb/s writing, only has any meaning if you are transferring one file at a time sized under 190Mb. For large file writes there is a small cache of 60Mb/s memory that fills quickly. Then the write stalls while that cache is written to the main (cheap) 13.5Mb/s memory. During a large file transfer the stalling happens about every 190Mb. It stalled three times when writing 750Mb. To put this in perspective, writing 25Gb will take 24 minutes and filling the drive would be more than 1.5 hours. Way too slow to make this a useable 128Gb storage drive. In the same price range are the much faster Samsung 'Bar Plus' and 'Patriot Supersonic Rage Elite' models."
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Jan 31, 2018
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Great price, crappy product.

Would recommend a pass. I've owned this model and it benchmarks very, very slow in crystal disk bench.. only 1 - 2 MB/s for random writes.
If you pretty much fill up the stick in one go (large, sequential write) it will start out around 75 MB/s then drop to about 50 - 60 MB/s. But try writing some smaller files and it will grind to a halt almost and write far, far slower than most USB2 drives.

Obvious and drastic cost cutting in the cache and memory make me wonder about memory life as well.
Do yourself a favour and buy a brand that has real USB3 speeds.
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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi there,

I will never buy a Lexar product again, they don't last as long. Waiting for the Sandisk at Costco to go on sale again...

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Oct 6, 2020
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Staying far away from Lexar products. Their write speed isnt what is advertised (USB 3.0) which is fine but I bought a 32 GB for USB playback in my car and every 5 minutes it crashes and resets. Every 5-6 min without fail.

My other sandisk drive never did that. Too bad I lost it.
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Jul 8, 2009
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every lexar drive ive bought including this one is no where near the speeds it should be for 3.1 lol. not even close. Also the reliability on them i find just okay.
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Apr 1, 2015
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Lexar is the worst flash drive brand I've bought. Died within a year.
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Feb 27, 2003
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Verdic wrote: Not hot.. issues with Lexar brand aside (which I agree with), price is just not that hot.

Kingston for $15 ... _g3_128_gb
Is that about the best price for a decent brand right now?

I want to buy a bunch of them for transferring about 50 old Hi8 camcorder tapes from when the kids were young for my now adult kids.. maybe I'd be better off/safer with 4 WD portable HDDs? Or should I go portable SSD's for a more bullet-proof archive?

(i have a feeling I should go to a site where they transfer film and video all the time and see what the pros suggest, just to be safe;)
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