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Lowest Price: Elegoo Mars UV 3D Printer $259.99

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  • Oct 14th, 2020 11:29 pm
Jun 19, 2008
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[] Lowest Price: Elegoo Mars UV 3D Printer $259.99

3D printers, if you are not into that stuff you can skip.

Very good little 3D printer, with the Saturn soon to be available to everyone, Elegoo seems to be liquidating their stocks. You can't go wrong at that price.

If you want to hold for a Saturn (I just received mine) is awesome but will be more expensive than this (price not announced yet, got mine preordered for 500$US (incl. shipping).

By judging the 2minutes sold-out speed, they might try to milk the market first and I wouldn't be surprised seeing a 899-999$ price tag unless Anycubic ships at the same time and they get into a price war.

Why go for this 260$ printer?

- Experiment without breaking your wallet and see if resin printing is for you (its messy but rewarding :) )
- Replacement parts are cheap and available
- Well made machine with good results
- you are not OCD on specs sheets and a 5.5" surface is good enough for your use case
- Resolution on that printer will beat any FDM out there.

Why wait for a Saturn?
- Amazing build quality (i.e. dual rails, not a crappy wobbling mechanism) especially for the price.
- crazy resolution (I never thought I would see something LCD-based that would upset my in-house design for miniatures production ( I am focussing a 2K projector on a 1-2cm surface for absolute resolution (call it over-engineering with no real commercial value other than bragging rights) - the 4K panel is balancing resolution vs. surface /volume vs. speed perfectly).
- I was under the impression that a 4K LCD wouldn't feel 4K due to diffraction but that's not the case here. It delivers.
- Bigger build volume (X Y and Z)
- Monochrome LCD : 2-2.5s per layers! its sooo "fast" (still a few hours but not 24hrs for a full volume print).
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Aug 25, 2013
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Certainly a good printer. Take a look at Tom’s review though, resin may not be for everyone

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Jul 21, 2016
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Boboche wrote: I am focussing a 2K projector on a 1-2cm surface for absolute resolution
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Dec 11, 2008
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From what I can see, the Mars build size is slightly bigger than the Pro version?
Am I missing something? What's the real difference between the Mars and Mars Pro?

The Saturn system is a much better system, spec wise and as usual, I would rather have that which is the next best thing. Smiling Face With Open Mouth
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Nov 23, 2017
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This a great price for a Mars, but every time I hear about the Saturn I figure should wait.
Apr 27, 2020
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Anyone comming from fdm printers, sla print quality is orders of magnitude better. Prints look like they were injection moulded and even basic printers like this one gives good results. If you haven't tried, I would 100% recommend getting one for figurines or other non-functional prints.
Jun 19, 2008
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Funny being put -1 when this is a genuine special. Prolly 2 haters that didn't grab a saturn in the preorder :D
Jun 19, 2008
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Invalid: ?
DLP printers with projector focus offset (i.e. you take the projection optics out and put a spacer so that the focus is much closer and smaller, basically reverse of what you would want to do when buying a home theatre).

I've bought a LittleRP 5 years ago and built up on that design since it was really cheap and sturdy. Modded my projector to remove the UV filter + Trinamic stepper + focus mod (so more energy = lower exposure time + higher resolution for the given surface).

i.e. (with a cheezy benq 720p):
problem at that resolution is you need amazing resin and a steady hand to manipulate the plate :)
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Feb 11, 2007
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I'd really like to get a resin printer, but chemicals, fumes, resin cost, and post processing/curing keep me away for now. I'd have to make room in the garage for it. I don't make figurines, but when I do smaller mechanical pieces it would be nice to have better tolerances, finish, and no layer strength issues. They even have resin now that's comparable in strength to common filaments like PLA, PETG, and ABS. FDM also wins for being able to do larger prints.
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