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Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (7 Seasons, 46 discs) [Blu-ray] $79.99

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Jun 15, 2004
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[Amazon.ca] Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (7 Seasons, 46 discs) [Blu-ray] $79.99

Hi folks, great deal for fans of the original 1960's Mission: Impossible series. The new blu-ray set that was just released yesterday is on sale for $79.99, 28% off the list price of $110.99. In comparison, the DVD version is $76.99. Having pre-ordered months ago, I was very happy to be notified of an automated Amazon refund for $31+tax, when usually I'm told I saved 1 or 2 cents. I almost wonder if it's a price error since the US Amazon.com has the same blu-ray set on sale for $106.99 USD. Unknown how long the sale is for.
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Oct 14, 2007
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That was a great series especially when Barbara Bain and Martin Landau starred in it. Well produced with original plots. It's great to see the technology they used at the time as well as the great vintage vehicles. As with many series, it grew tired in season 6 and 7 but others may disagree. A lot of today's productions give you dazzling special effects; Mission Impossible more than compensates with compelling plots.