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[Amazon Canada] Ozeri 12" German made ceramic coated fry pan - $54.88 (or less)

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  • Jan 11th, 2019 2:02 pm
Jan 2, 2017
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Non-stick goes off after 4-5 uses and washes. Have one, don't use it anymore because it sticks badly.
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Aug 19, 2011
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xtcnrice wrote:
Jan 11th, 2019 10:15 am
Anyone have this and the Zwilling Marquina pans?
I only have the marquina and it’s without a doubt one of the best non stick pans. Been using it daily for a year and still fuctions and looks new. I do care for my non sticks though so no dishwasher and no metal utensils, ever! Still, they have outlasted Rock and some mid range T Fal.
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Nov 22, 2015
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X24Secret wrote:
Jan 11th, 2019 1:38 pm
I donno about the addresses etc. but Ozeri has been around for quite some time. They make a lot of random kitchen stuff. I have an electric bottle opener from them I bought off Amazon USA more than 10 years ago.
They are like that. I used to do Amazon reviews for Chinese shady crap items they sent me for free when I was unemployed. Once you get established bigger Amazon clients approach you. They were one of them. Most Amazon reviews are paid. Almost nothing you see is an objective review.
Dec 8, 2007
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I have both and have had each for only a few months. I also have induction cook top. I suspect Zwilling will last longer. One unfortunate downside with Zwilling is that it doesn't work well with induction. It only works on one of five stove areas. The Ozeri works on all stove areas with no issues.
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Jul 24, 2005
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Ozeri is not a fly-by-night company, it has been around for years.
I have their Green Earth ceramic non-stick frying pan, and it has been holding up reasonably well for almost two years now. Crepes/pancakes still slide off easily (mind you, I always use it with oil or butter; it is just not realistic to expect non-stick to last long without any oil).
The bottom has warped a tiny bit, the non-stick value is lower than when it was new, there is some staining, but, after two years, I would still consider it the best non-stick pan I ever had, especially for medium-high temperature frying. Mine will likely be due for a replacement within the next 6 months. Previously, teflon/PTFE pans (mid-range Tefal brand) would last me 2-3 months, and my other Lagostina-brand ceramic non-stick pan lost most of its non-stick properties in 6 months.

For those who care, the Ozeri Stone Earth line (link in the OP) is only advertised as being "PFOA-Free".
By contrast, Ozeri Green Earth line is advertised as being PTFE-free and PFOA-free, for what is worth.
At least one Amazon reviewer of the Stone Earth line made the inference that there might be some PTFE in the coating of the Stone Earth line (but I am not sure if this is true). For those who do not know, PTFE is teflon, and PFOA is another toxic chemical used in the manufacture of teflon.
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Nov 13, 2007
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I have an Ozeri pan bought in August 2017 and the non-stick still works great. Mind you, about the only thing I use this pan for is cooking eggs, so it gets used about once a week. The thing I read about the Ozeri non-sticks (ceramic, stone and regular non-stick) is ensuring they aren't overheated. Instructions mentions that you shouldn't turn it past medium heat on your stove. I think this applies to non-stick pans in general. Overheating ruins the non-stick coating.

I love my Lodge cast iron stuff, and use those as much as I can, but as someone mentioned above, there are case uses where non-stick is definitely preferred.